TREUHAND|SUISSE as seal of approval for trust quality

The trustees affiliated with TREUHAND|SUISSE are distinguished by their high and current level of expertise. They provide smaller and medium-sized businesses (KMU) as well as private clients a service that is first class and comprehensive.

TREUHAND|SUISSE members place high value on customer proximity, the building of a partner-like relationship of trust, tailor made advice and a steady relationship that is economically sensible.

TREUHAND|SUISSE trustees as generalists advise, care for and guide their clients in particular in business and tax questions, audits, in bookkeeping and asset management.

Trust services by TREUHAND|SUISSE-members are sound and guided by the client’s needs

The members of TREUHAND|SUISSE distinguish themselves in their knowledge of the increasingly complex statutory and administrative regulations and requirements and their overview, perception, foresight and corresponding all-seeing client advising. Business challenges that are always becoming more difficult are met with understandable aids for orientation and meaningful bases for decisions in all commercial, financial and personnel questions – from founding of the firm to planning the succession.