Tax advice

You can print the Checklist for the tax return directly from our web page.

Value Added Tax

In Switzerland, since introduction of the Value Added Tax (MWST) 26 different exceptions have been introduced.

It does not appear that a simplification can be pushed through in the foreseeable future. The complexity of this tax is immense and harbours great risks. We are also happy to advise you in this important area.

Tax planning

The search for opportunities to reduce the tax burden has become an important task for a Swiss business. The design of the annual financial statements for tax purposes with regard for optimization of the tax burden comprises one of the primary tasks within tax planning. Comprehensive tax planning means optimization of the burden or the business as well as for the shareholders.

You will provide the strategic tax plan in principle or as prepared together with a tax expert (e.g. location planning or special agreements such as tax relief and tax exemptions).

The operative tax planning is then shaped within the fixed elements determined by strategic decisions such as legal formation, location, business and capital structure. The tax plan links to the factual decisions that already have been made and is a relatively autonomous field of decision within tax planning. Its nature is short to mid-term and it involves the tax structuring of the annual financial statements, in which the annual profit, in particular, is optimized for tax purposes.

We view this as our key field of competence.