Fee schedule

Fee schedule

For the application of rates within the fee tariff, the following criteria are to be considered:

1. The responsibility associated with the matter
2. The importance of the matter for the ordering party
3. The economic relationships of the ordering party
4. The expertise required of the trustee
5. The degree of difficulty of the assignment
6. The general costs of operation

Advance payments of the anticipated fee may be demanded and interim invoices may be issue


For the following tasks, the following basic fees will be invoiced, at a minimum:

Auditing assignment Fr. 1'000.–
Administrative Board assignment Fr. 3'000.–
Domicile fees Fr. 900.–
Formation of companies Fr. 1'600.–

The special fees are payable in advance, unless otherwise agreed. In addition to the basic fees, the time spent is to be invoiced. The basic fees can be reduced for shareholders that are no longer conducting business.